Welcome to the Galileo Commission for Extended Science Website

This is currently a private web site with only invited users.

You are invited to contribute to developing the paper we wish to produce in summer 2018.

The proposed structure is:

  1. Why does science need to be extended? e.g. its shortcomings, and their consequences, social, philosophical etc.
  2. Why does science have these shortcomings in the first place? e.g. its ontology, its epistemology, its power structures etc.
  3. How have others tried to extend science – people past and present – and what has been their influence?
  4. What changes within science seem to pave the way for a new ontology and epistemology…especially quantum physics/consciousness?
  5. Why have the pioneers (Swedenborg etc.) and the new science not been sufficient in themselves to extend science – i.e. what’s still missing and yet to be done?
  6. What are our detailed and practical proposals to create an extended science that works?
  7. How will we persuade scientists and others to adopt an extended science?

Whilst work in progress, the current state of the report structure can be found here.

A draft table of Contents can be found here

Please find a Remit for Extended Science originally produced by Chris Thomson with revisions from Alan RaynerDavid Lorimer and Harald Walach here

Please feel free to add your own definitions of terms on separate pages, add to the sections epistemology and ontology. If you think the contents of a page should change please use the discussion tabs to agree with others what the content should be.

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