Useful Sections from “Wider Horizons”

Author Chris Thomson

pp 69-70 Rupert Sheldrake problems caused by mechanistic paradigm in biology

pp 74-79 Mae-wan Ho organic wholeness and its relevance

pp 90-91 Henri Bortoft dominance of mathematics, and the distortions this causes

pp 95-97 Bortoft unity in diversity, and vice versa

pp 108-109 David Peat comparing Western science and indigenous science

pp169-171 Emilios Bouratinos reasons for having a science of consciousness

pp188-190 Ravi Ravindra the need to transform scientists

pp 237-240 Henrik Skolimowski Science and values

Pp 246-257 Willis Harman (all of this is useful)

Pp260-264 Mark Woodhouse Comparison of worldviews

Pp 265-273 Richard Tarnas Arguably, this is the most compelling chapter in the book. Nearly every sentence jumps out