Soskin Julie, – M.Phil

Julie Soskin M.PhilJulie is an author of nine published books and has worked in the field of psycho-spiritual studies, for over thirty years.  During this time, she has taught internationally in major centres, schools and universities.

Identifying the need for an educational programme that encompasses in-depth spiritual self-development with intuition, in 1996 Julie founded the School of Insight and Intuition in London, where students at the school came from very diverse backgrounds and cultures. She was principal for 14 years and during this time she created an accredited Spiritual Healing Practitioner course and a Psycho-spiritual Learning Programme.

In February 2005 modules of this programme were validated and implemented as part of a BSc degree in Integrated Health at Westminster University in London, where the external examiners labelled the course ‘exceptional’. Parts of this programme were also implemented in other colleges including Middlesex University and Richmond HE College. The course has also been used as Onward Personal Development with various organisations, including the NHS.  In 2005 she received a Master of Philosophy degree (M.Phil) from Surrey University. Her thesis examined the experiences of a psycho-spiritual learning programme on the lives of the students, entitled: ‘A Formative Evaluation of a Psycho-spiritual Programme and its Effects on the Lived Experience of the individual.

Recognising the enormous challenges the world has at this time of change and the need for the raising of consciousness Julie continues to work as a sensitive, spiritual director and facilitator of consciousness studies, working with both groups and individuals. She works intuitively using various appropriate techniques including meditational exercises and transpersonal psychology. Much of her work is to release any obstructions that get in the way of person’s contact with their inner being. This might include outworn negative mind-sets and healing from past difficulties. It is completely non-denominational, non- gender and cross culture. Her preferred description is a ‘Seer of Possibilities’.


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  • 2005. Julie wrote, researched and received an M.Phil at Surrey University. Thesis entitled: ‘A Formative Evaluation of a Psycho-spiritual Programme and its Effects on the Lived Experience of the individual.