Royal College of Psychiatrists Spirituality and Psychiatry SIG

The Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group (SPSIG) was founded in 1999 to provide a forum for psychiatrists to explore the spiritual challenges presented by psychiatric illness, and how best to respond to patients’ spiritual concerns. More than half of service users hold spiritual or religious beliefs they see as important in helping them cope with mental illness, but often feel unable to discuss such concerns with their psychiatrists. Spirituality can be as broad as the essentially human, personal and interpersonal dimension, which integrates and transcends the cultural, religious, psychological, social and emotional aspects of the person, or more specifically concerned with ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. While spiritual values and beliefs are found at the heart of all religious teachings, spirituality is a universal human quality that every person can experience independently of religion. It therefore brings together all those involved in mental health care, regardless of creed or culture.

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Royal College of Psychiatrists Spirituality and Psychiatry SIG