Reason, Peter – Professor.

Peter Reason is a writer who aims to link the tradition of nature writing with the ecological crisis of our times, drawing on scientific, ecological, philosophical and spiritual sources. He is presently collaborating with artist Sarah Gillespie, drawing together words and images in ‘Love Letters to the Earth’. His two recent books, Spindrift: A wilderness pilgrimage at sea (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014) and In Search of Grace: An ecological pilgrimage (Earth Books 2017) weave explorations of the human place in the ecology of the planet into the stories of sailing voyages. He writes a regular column in Resurgence & Ecologist; and has contributed to EarthLines, GreenSpirit, Zoomorphic, LossLit, The Island Review, and The Clearing. Prior to retirement from academia, Peter contributed to the theory and practice of action research in writing, teaching and research. Professor Emeritus at the University of Bath, his on-line presence is through where all action research and participatory worldview papers are posted as well as current nature writing; and on Twitter @peterreason