Mukhopadhyay, A.K. – Professor. Comments

Kindly accommodate the following points wherever those  suit in the draft

Limitations of Present Science:

  1. Present physical Science works under the umbrella of three constants;
  • Einstein’s constant: Exclude simultaneity of events
  • Planck’s constant: Excludes continuity of events
  • Entropy Barrier: Excludes identity of Events
  1. Present science has no clue on Information, its mechanics and its relationship with energy
  2. Psychology is built up on vague concept of what is psyche? what are its constituents? what are their interconnected mechanics?
  3. Present science is clueless on the layers between neuroscience and consciousness, between signal and wisdom, between God Particle and Consciousness.
  4. How nonlocal players are localized in systems biology?

 How this limitation could be overcome?

  1. Develop sub-quantum Physics
  2. Develop operational Mechanics of Information
  3. Understand Systems Psyche, its Structure, Operation and Molecular links
  4. Explore the cascading layers starting from neuro-signaling to development of experience and wisdom, follow the ladder of cognition and the canvas of cognition
  5. Most likely it is INFORMATION which connects the local players in science (space, time energy, matter) with the nonlocal players like mind, self, life and consciousness.


  1. Accept Consciousness as fundamental reality of nature
  2. Methods to distinguish signal from noise and information from signal
  3. Development of Logic ladder: Boolean logic, Fuzzy logic, Formal logic, Inferential logic and finally Hermeneutics etc.
  4. Develop methods for harnessing dark energy, information-based energy
  5. Axiology and value-based Education.

Make it a People’s movement with CME Programs, Seminars, workshops etc.

The Worldview of Galileo commission needs to operate on

  1. Accommodating Science, Humanity and Spirit simultaneously with unbroken wholeness

and without any observable discontinuity.

  1. Accepting consciousness as the most fundamental reality that can gel well with the complexity of systems cosmology (The Multiversity), systems psychology, systems neuroscience, systems biology and systems physics.

The belief system where human self is intimate with nature within and nature without (environment), co-creative with nature in their complex interconnectedness, and manifests spirit for lifting up those who are down the ladder in evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritualis.