Michael Wride

michael.wrideMike holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Physiology and Biochemistry with Nutrition (Southampton University, 1990); PhD in Physiology (University of Alberta, Canada, 1996); UK Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (Cardiff University, 2007) and an M.Ed. (Hons) in University Teaching and Learning (University of Dublin, 2015). Mike is also a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Mike teaches currently works as an Academic Developer at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and at Thapar Institute of Engineering & technology in India. Mike is also an adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Natural Sciences at TCD. Since 2014, Mike has been a visiting lecturer at Schumacher College, UK on the MSc in Holistic Science, where he teaches developmental biology on the Complexity module and supervises Masters dissertations. Mike’s research interests lie in the areas of creativity in science education, including Goethean science and phenomenology, as well as holistic, integrated and transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning. His training is in Developmental Biology and he has a particular interest in the relationship between parts and wholes, development, differentiation, transformation, and the concept of applying organismic  rather than mechanistic approaches to systems.