Bellg, Laurin – M.D.

Laurin Bellg is acritical care physician working with very ill patients in the ICU. Her training prepared her to help care for the very sick, but it did not prepare her for encounters with the unknown. Over the past twenty years she has heard numerous mysterious and beautiful stories that patients have returned from the brink of death to share with her. They are both incredible and life-affirming. Several years ago she began journaling about these miraculous moments. When one of these stories was published, she was excited and inspired by the response and knew she had to write a book about it. Near Death in the ICU is that book and, she is happy to announce it has now been published and is available on Amazon. Within two days of its release, it became a #1-bestseller in three categories and now is a four-time award winner. Follow Laurin Bellg on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest updates and news.