Whatever happened to Mae-wan?
I knew her a little in the early 90s, through Brian, but then lost touch.

I ask, because something Willis said in the IONS report led me to her article in Wider Horizons.

Willis said (right at the beginning) that in holistic science there is no causality. This felt very powerful indeed, and may be central to our argument.

In her article, Mae-wan follows Whitehead’s view that “we cannot understand physical reality unless we have a theory of the organism.”

She goes on to say…”An organic whole, in contrast to a mechanical whole, has no controller nor parts which are controlled. It is dynamic and fluid, its myriad activities are self-motivated, self-organising and spontaneous, engaging all levels simultaneously…”

I will follow this up!

Response from Hardin
Dear Chris

Sadly she died a year or so ago, from some kind of illness. I used to get her magazine, which had to be discontinued.

There must be causation, but not of the falling dominoes kind. Something like patterns formed in mind retrocausally seems more likely.