Hands, John

John Hands devoted more than ten years to evaluating scientific theories about human evolution from the origin of the universe, resulting in the 700-page Cosmosapiens. He graduated in chemistry from the University of London, where he was the first undergraduate President of the Union. He founded the Society for Co-operative Dwellings, co-authored two research studies, published Housing Co-operatives, and scripted, directed, and presented a documentary More Than a Place to Live broadcast twice on BBC2 Television. He was the founding Director of the UK Government’s Co-operative Housing Agency and served on committees appointed by a Minister for Housing, a Secretary of State for the Environment, and a Secretary of State for Industry. He has tutored in both physics and management studies for the Open University and was Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of North London and then Royal Literary Fund Fellow at University College London. He has written three critically acclaimed novels, Perestroika ChristiDarkness at Dawn, and Brutal Fantasies, and been published in 8 countries.