Bouratinos, Emilios.

Emilios BouratinosEmilios Bouratinos studied law in Athens and philosophy in Innsbruck, Austria.  He has published numerous essays and written seven books in Greek. The last three are Minoan  Religion, Consciousness and the Environment in Ancient Greece, and The End of Reason. He was  the managing editor of the cultural magazine Dialogos for 23 years in Athens. Since 1991 he has been active in organizing, advising and promoting conferences and workshops on the need for a “Self-Reflecting Interdisciplinary Science Consciousness”. He recently published the book “Science, Objectivity and Consciousness” which articulates this idea of his while proposing a road map and the tools to achieving it. He is especially keen on an interdisciplinary science of  consciousness, which will be conscious of itself, so that it can contribute something substantial  toward a much-needed change of direction in both science and society.