Lohrey, Andrew – Dr.

Andrew Lohrey has been a Cabinet Minister and Speaker of the Tasmanian Parliament. He has a PhD in Communications from the University of Technology. He was the editor of Alex Carey’s Taking the Risk out of Democracy, (1994) Sydney: UNWS Press. This book was republished by the University of Illinios Press (1996). The University of Michigan Press published his doctoral thesis, The Meaning of Consciousness (1997). Andrew has contributed to Bridging Science and Spirituality, Noetic Press (1999) and another contribution to The John Eccles Centennial Volume, Noetic Press (2004). He has written papers on consciousness and meaning for a range of journals. His latest book (2018) is, The Evolution of Consciousness: A New Science, Princeton, ICRL Press. Andrew has four daughters and lives on the east coast of Tasmanian with his wife, the writer Amanda Lohrey.