Vannini, Antonella Dr.

I enrolled in the faculty of psychology in 2001. My first thesis was “Entropy and Syntropy, from mechanical to life sciences” which was published in the Neuroquantology Journal , my master thesis was a continuation of this work and it is available in the issue n. 3 (2006) of the Syntropy Journal , I then conducted several experiments for my PhD dissertation, based on the hypothesis that if Syntropy is the life energy and since it is retrocausal, we should observe anticipatory reactions (effects before causes) in the systems which support vital functions, such as the autonomic nervous system. Measuring the parameters of the heart rate and skin conductance I could observe strong retrocausal effects when using stimuli with an emotional content. This effect has been confirmed by many other researchers using various types of experimental designs. When I started obtaining positive experimental results the reaction of the academia was violent: “you are a liar”, “it is impossible”, “we will not waste our time with this data”, “you are a disgrace”… and they tried to expel me from the university. But they did not succeed and when I had to discuss the dissertation in front of the national commission no one of my tutors was present, they were just terrified at the idea of being associated to this heretical vision of reality. I continued working on the Syntropy hypothesis in the school of ericksonian hypnosis, and I now work as a psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist. A short version of my PhD thesis can be found at